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Let's Talk Pitching

Let’s talk Pitching

You’ve registered for tickets and have a million ideas that you want to share with everyone on the day, but the thought of ‘pitching’ terrifies you! I hear you, this happened to me and a few others last year, from reading your feedback.

Not everyone wants to stand up in a room full of strangers, grab hold of a microphone and make a pitch for a session at an unconference. Even the word pitch is enough to put people off.

We want GovCamp Cymru to be a welcoming, open and inclusive event. We don’t want to place barriers in front of your ideas for sessions.

This is why we’re offering two pitching options to suggest a session for GovCamp Cymru 2023:

  1. submit a session online in advance; 👉 Pitch here 👈

  2. pitch a session on the day

Pitching in advance will give you the opportunity to submit, edit, and share your session pitches before the day itself, giving you enough time to prepare.

We’re also offering the option to work with a CampMaker on the day to….

  1. read out your pitch for you at GovCamp Cymru or

  2. coach and mentor you to read out your own pitch.

If pitching in advance sounds like the right option for you, we’ll need the following info from you:


Session title

A bit more explanation

Do you want to read this out on the day? Yes / no

Do you want a CampMaker coach or mentor? Yes / no

(is there anything else?)

Add your pitch to the time you would like to do it. Include suggested alternative time slots too. 👉 Pitch here 👈

Online pitching closes at 5.00pm on Wednesday 21st June 2023. You may edit your entry until closing.

Pitches in advance will be limited to a maximum of approx. 5 pitches to make sure there’s still slots available for on the day pitching and some sessions may be merged if complimentary themes are developing.

As a polite reminder, the purpose of a session is for people to come together to discuss topics/ideas that matter to them, they are not intended as sales pitches for a business/solution so please don’t submit business themed pitches as these will not be accepted.

There will be a quiet space available on the day for you to prepare and to decompress after your successful pitching slot too.

Offering more options for pitching means we’ll get to hear from more people with different views and perspectives which is what GovCampCymru is all about.

Happy Pitching!


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