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How does the event work?


You’ll turn up, network and chat for a little while, and everyone is then invited to pitches their ideas for what sessions they would like held. If you’d rather, we’ll have volunteers who will be happy to present your idea for you. The pitched sessions are then assigned a time and a room, and you are then free to attend whichever sessions you prefer.


If I pitch a session does that mean I have to lead it?


No! You can take the lead if you would like to but it’s up to the group who turn up to make the session what it is.

Do I have to pitch anything?


No, absolutely no pressure to lead a session. 

Where is the event?

BizSpace Cardiff, 5 Fitzalan Place, CF24 0ED. For more details on how to get to us on the day see the BizSpace website.

Where can I park my bike?


There are plenty of bike racks around the venue and throughout Cardiff.

Where can I park my car?

There are several public car parking areas within walking distance of the venue. 

There is also a special NCP all day parking deal - just £6. Please let us know if you would like a space, and we can arrange.

What should I bring?

Some people bring notepads and laptops to take notes. But due to space we advise you to consider packing light.

Where can I put my belongings?

We have limited space for a cloakroom. We’d encourage everyone to be responsible for their own items. 


To add:
Overnight options – any deals with hotels/recommended accommodation etc. 
Other transport options – rail, air (but maybe advise against this), carpool?

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